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'The world through fresher eyes' –
Superb computer-based Fine Art
limited-edition giclée prints

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About the Artist

Klaud Wuttke

Klaus Wuttke studied visual communication at the prestigious Hochschule für Künste, Berlin. Moving to London, he established one of Europe’s leading design consultancies, winning numerous international awards whilst continuing with his own artistic and film projects.

He now works full-time as an artist.

Fascinated by the possibilities afforded by advances in digital technology, Klaus has recently moved beyond the boundaries of painting and photography to develop a striking new visual language.

A photograph or an individual frame from a moving image now serves merely as a starting-off point; a single element among the many techniques of digital painting and manipulation employed to convey the totality of the artist’s impression.

The first manifestations of this innovative concept have been shown at a number of highly-successful exhibitions in London galleries.

Since then, Klaus has embarked upon several new projects. All projects are perceived as art editions.

About the Artworks

A Klaus Wuttke limited-art edition giclée print – an artwork in its original form.

Conceived as prints, conceived as art editions
Investing in this particular form of limited- art edition prints ensures that you are buying an artwork in its original form. Unlike what are usually described as prints, these are not reproductions of other works such as paintings or drawings. They are conceived as prints, and do not exist in any other form.

Produced exclusively by the artist
Because of the complexities of translating a computer-screen image to the printed form, all art edition prints are exclusively produced by the artist. Each one is signed and numbered by him. Each artwork is restricted to a maximum of two different size editions.

In addition there are three to nine artist's proofs which can be sold.
Archival Quality of the Art Editions
Prints are produced using state of the art ColorFast UltraChrome K3 inks and cotton-based, acid free media.
The technique employed allows for large-sized prints to be produced with perfect clarity. These large-scale statement artworks make a stunning focal point for any room.

The ideal wedding or birthday gift…or the perfect souvenir
The pictures provide an impressive focal point in any décor, and make a magnificent wedding or 'important birthday' gift for any lover of London or the sea. And, of course, they are the perfect souvenir. Prints can be sent anywhere in the world, quickly and safely (see 'Sales' for details).